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Our products

We offer a wide choice of hot smoking, cold smoking and salted fish. In our assortment you can also find dried fish and the products of fish cooking. During the formation of product we use an alder and a beech. Thereby our products get the best tastiness and natural gold color. For better fish keeping we have been used different technologies such as smoke curing, salting and drying. Fish production is based on easy and right rule – you should only take the best fish to get the high-grade product.


Special offers

We are trying to be very flexible in our price policy. If it’s possible we’ll offer our clients the cheap and qualitative fish and fish products. Nowadays people want to see fish and fish products in their menu. That could be the reason for raw material shortage and instability of prices. However we provide a lot of material for a long time to let the prices to be stable. We give the information about the discounts in the shops and the outlets. Cheap and useful fish it’s a product that always elates!

Production process

A lot of companies use automated ovens for the fish smoking. Such ovens fitted with technology that make possible to regulate necessary temperature, moisture level and the time of smoking. It makes the product qualitative. We have plans for reorganization the technology of production in 2011. We always wait for the opinions from our clients about the quality of products. Every remark helps to solve any problem.



January 2011 – we will start using the website and will try to acquaint you with our company. You can get the information about discounts and company development. We wish you a Happy New Year. Don’t forget to eat fish at least once a week.

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